Who Are We?..

LOTIC is the principal landowner company for the Lower Ok Tedi Villages. Lower Ok Tedi Investment Company was established out of environmental issues when villages collaborated to sue BHP for damage to their environment (dieback). These villages (which mostly have land adjacent to the OK Tedi/ Alice River) live along the Alice River and are known as the Lower OK Tedi Villages. Lower OK Tedi Investment Company was registered as a strategic umbrella company representing the Lower OK Tedi villages to participate in various viable and profitable spin-off businesses identified in relation to the dredging operations in and around Bige. LOTIC Bige Limited was incorporated on 20th November, 2009. LOTIC Bige Limited known as LBL officially commenced its operation from 1st January, 2012 expanding its services from OTML Bige operations to other user departments of OTML and other organizations in a short period through its systematic, positive and rapid approach to opportunities and client requirements. Presently LBL is involved in contracting approximately over 500 professional nationals and expats, semi-skilled and unskilled national workers to OTML and its user departments, other organizations and in it’s own operation. Furthermore LBL is in the process of managing contracts of Security, Fuel & Container Haulage, Personnel transport, Garbage Removal, Vector Control, Civil Construction & Maintenance Service, IT services, Equipment Hire, Catering & Camp Janitor and Management Services to OTML Operations directly and through sub-contractors. From 1997 then Lower Ok Tedi Investment Company Limited now operating through its operating company LOTIC Bige Limited has been providing the above personnel placement and contract management to OTML, OTDF and other various clients while successfully completing housing projects and constructions while others services are still been provided. LOTIC Bige Limited is covered with all statutory requirements and complies with OTML policies and procedures and safety management plan. LBL has its own HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment), Human Resource and Financial policies and procedures in place. We are the preferred and most successful fully locally owned land owner company contracted to Ok Tedi Mining Limited which was operating even in the stand down period of OTML operations while expanding our scope. Presently we are appointed as implementing partner for Ok Tedi Development Fund Rubber and Agri Business projects in Western Province. We wish to work to build a sustainable development in Western Province beyond OTML.

Our Services

The service lines we offer include but are not limited to: